Bogdan Pițigoi

President and founder of Tester Group

Bogdan Pițigoi, a promoter of innovative ideas in business development, is the founder and president of Tester Group. Under his leadership, during its 24 years of activity, Tester Group registered high performances in various areas, obtaining outstanding results every year due to its excellent people.

Angelica Năstasă

CEO Tester Group

Angelica has been part of the Tester Group team for more than 22 years and has been coordinating the activity of the group companies for 7 years. She is passionately committed to growing the business of Tester Group, as well as to developing her colleagues with whom she enjoys working every day.

The latest project under her responsibility was CABY, the first electric carsharing service in Romania.


Crenguța Barabula

CFO Tester Group

Crenguța has been part of the Tester Group team for more than 14 years, and has been working as CFO for 5 years. She enjoys doing everything related to financial matters, and her favorite project is the launch of the Opel car dealership in terms of both operational aspects and people development.