The Tester Group rebrands itself to harness the human energies of its team, to the benefit of its customers and partner

Tester Group, a company operating in the automotive, real estate, manufacturing, retail, insurance and hospitality fields, has kicked off a rebranding process to align its identity to the services provided and its business philosophy. The group, established in 1993 by the entrepreneur Bogdan Toporaș Pițigoi, is set to end the business year with a turnover of 53 million euro, up by 18% vs. last year. Casa Auto, the Group’s automotive division, is the dealer with the highest number of brands represented in Romania. The group also holds the largest logistics park in Moldavia and is among the leading owners of office spaces in Iasi.

The rebranding process is meant to ensure a seamless identity for the group and its major divisions, both in terms of employees and in terms of customers and partners. The process is also aimed at reshaping the image of the group companies, in line with the de facto personality of Tester. As of today, they will benefit from a new graphic representation in terms of logo, color scheme, livery and signage. The rebranding process also intends to officially identify the values having driven the Group for 24 years. Alongside the moto Vocation in innovation, values such as charisma, ingenuity, passion and honesty will serve as a consistent guideline for the members of the Tester Group team, in order to actively define the services provided by the member companies.

“Tester Group is a mature, yet constantly growing business. We have learned not to be hasty in doing business, but still maintain the dynamics of an entrepreneurial business. We operate in a modern way, such as a multinational company, while showcasing the humanity and involvement of a family business. We have adapted to the realities of the moment – and have sometimes been one step ahead of the times – while being the same in spirit: we do things with pleasure and find satisfaction in the happiness of our customers, colleagues and all the persons we interact with. This rebranding is not meant to reinvent Tester Group, but is rather the quintessence of what we have always stood for. For our customers, this is the promise and guarantee that they will always find a suitable solution at hand with Tester Group”, declared Bogdan Pițigoi, founder and president of Tester Group.

The prevailing element defining the identity of all Tester Group divisions is the Single Piece. It expresses the diverse range of personalities and skills of the team’s members, rallying together to the strength of Tester Group and showcasing its ability to integrate solutions for its customers. Consultancy and the branding process were provided and managed by Brand Tailors.

Through Casa Auto, Tester Group is the market leader in car dealing in Iasi, with a license to represent 10 car brands – Mercedes – Benz, Dacia, Land Rover, Jaguar, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Honda and Mazda. The group also holds the largest second-hand car park in Moldavia. Casa Auto provides an ecosystem of complementary and integrated services, covering insurance, damage center, service, assistance, towage and rent-a-car. In 2017, Casa Auto launched Caby, the first fully electric carsharing service in Romania.
“We will continue to be leaders in the car-related services field in Iasi this year, with 3,000 vehicles sold and 34,000 unites operated in the garage. At the same time, we are seeking new opportunities to develop in the real estate field, where we wish to harness our expertise in building and managing office and manufacturing facilities”, declared Angelica Năstasă, CEO of Tester Group.

The Group implemented significant projects covering 65,000 square meters in Iasi. Tester developed and currently manages class A+ and A offices space totaling 30,000 m2 through IDEO, CENTRO and SOLO projects, where it hosts multinational companies, entrepreneurial businesses and startups. In addition, the Group developed 18,000 sqm of manufacturing and storage facilities in the first and largest logistics center in Moldavia, in compliance with the European standards, SOLO Park. Tester’s car dealerships account for another 17,000 m2. Tester also owns IDEO Restaurant, located in the center of the city, as well as IDEI Café – the café that serves Casa Auto complex.